Monday, 5 June 2017

Protect Your Child From Malnutrition with PEG Tube Feeding

A child’s nutrition is the top most priority on any parents list. Good nutrition ensures growth and health of a child. Some children make fuzz when they eat and mostly it leaves lesser options for parents to feed their child. Sometimes, it is that your child must be having some gastrointestinal problem which might have gone undetected. 

The worst thing that children are going through is malnutrition, which consequents to serious illness and high mortality rate in one’s country. When a child’s nutrition is not met by oral feeding due to problems in digestion, appetite, swallowing and other gastrointestinal problem, doctors recommend PEG tubes to nourish the body. You can find more information about this topic on 

What is PEG tube feeding?

PEG tube feeding is needed when other types of feeding fail and they are not able to eat or drink properly. When the body cannot be nourished through IV and N-tube, doctors go for PEG tube, which is a short form for Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrotomy (PEG) tube. This tube is inserted through one's skin to the stomach and through this tube medical formula, medicines and water are given.

When does a child need PEG tube feeding?

There can be a variety of reasons. Some premature infants who are not developed and strong enough to suck and swallow might need PEG tube feeding. In other cases, children with the cardiac or respiratory issue may leave them with less energy to swallow. Some children have neurological problems that might hinder oral feeding. Hence, these children develop loss in appetite and it results in malnutrition.

How durable are PEG feeding tubes?

PEG feeding tubes are known to last for months or years. But one should always take care of the tube not to break down or get clogged over extended periods of time. The doctors would recommend when to get a replacement or get it removed.

Nutrition4Kids will always be there to guide you with your queries about your child’s development. You can always trust Nutrition4Kids to make an informed choice about your child’s nutrition. Find more information about PEG tube feeding on 

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