Monday, 10 July 2017

What, How, Why and When of Nasogastric Tube Insertion in Children Simplified

  • Does your child often complain about a sore throat? 
  • Does your child have trouble in swallowing food?
  • Is your child not getting enough nutrition through the diet?
If the answer to any of the above questions is a “Yes” then you need to consult a doctor for Nasogastric Tube Insertion.

What is Nasogastric Tube Insertion? 

The Nasogastric Tube is a thin tube, which is inserted into the child’s nostril through the food pipe and then into the stomach. Once the tube is placed, the child can easily intake food and medicines. The tube is also used to remove certain harmful substances from the stomach.

How to Insert Nasogastric –NG Tube (Procedure)

The procedure is very simple and the patient does not face any pain. The doctor will instruct the child to lay down on the bed with the head elevated. They will tell the child to move the head and the body at some angles while they try to insert the tube smoothly. These little movements will make the tube insertion easier and it will be placed in the correct position.

To check for the correct placement of the tube or for any discomfort, the child will be asked to swallow something or take a few sips of water. The doctors also secure the tube with a tape on the face. To make the process easier, try distracting your child or use some relaxation techniques.

How to Care for a Nasogastric Tube at Home?
  • Always check the position of the tube before you put anything inside it.
  • Brush the child’s teeth at least twice daily so that no unwanted substances can go inside.
  • Change the Nasal tape when it gets loose.
  • Clean the tube with water before taking medication.
  • Crush the pills well before passing them into the tube.
When to call the doctor for assistance?
  • If the child feels choked or has difficulty in breathing.
  • If you are unable to unclog the tube.
  • If you cannot make out whether the end of the tube is inside the stomach.
  • If the child has symptoms of Diarrhoea or has constipation, dry mouth or dark urine.

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