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Things You Need To Know About Predigested Formula

Babies with milk protein and soy allergies may require an extensively hydrolyzed formula. These formulas contain cow’s milk protein that has been extensively broken down, so they are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Within the world of hydrolyzed formula, you may have noticed several terms: Predigested formula, partially hydrolyzed, extensively hydrolyzed.

Predigested formula is further of two types as partially digested and completely digested formulas.

In this guide we will discuss some things you should know about predigested formula:

Partially digested formulas
1. The available formulas have a protein that is partially digested (hydrolyzed) leaving some of the protein intact, for the improvement of taste.

2. The formula has just whey protein, approximately 80% has been digested by trypsin, a pancreatic enzyme, while the other 20% of the enzyme is left intact.

3. As infants are allergic to lactose, thus reduction of lactose is done in this formula.

4. A partially hydrolyzed formula helps ease common behavior of digestive discomfort.

5. It contains moderate protein. Also, it contains easy to digest protein that is partially broken down. It’s known to provide complete nutrition.

Completely or Extensively Digested Formulas

1. Extensively hydrolyzed formulas are more complex and more expensive formulas made to be easily absorbed. They have a little chance of causing an allergy.

2. Here, the proteins are completely casein that is digested into small chains of amino acids by pancreatic enzymes. But, the extensive hydrolysis alters the taste as well.

3. The vitamins and minerals are again similar are again similar to the routine formulas, with the exception that calcium is increased because of lactose’s absence.

4. It is effective in managing cow’s milk protein allergy for most babies.

5. It is made with very small protein parts that minimize the chances of the baby having an allergic reaction. It is designed to get allergic babies back on track as it is nutritionally complete.

Predigested formulas are excellent for babies with irritability and digestion problems. If you think your baby may have cow’s milk protein allergy because you’ve noticed hives, skin rashes, diarrhea, constipation, a chronic runny nose or long periods of crying, ask the pediatrician or consult a doctor. In this case, Nutrition4Kids is the best option for you.

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