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Top 4 foods that might disturb your child's digestive system

Most people only appreciate their digestive health when it is gone. We are all different people with different digestive systems, microbiomes and food intolerances. But the type of food we eat has a direct impact on our digestive track. We feed either digestive problems or a healthy gut.

What you feed to your kids also has a big take on their digestive issues. If your child faces problems in digestion or has a considerable stomach ache most of the times, he/she might be facing with certain issues that might go unnoticed. At Nutrition 4 Kids, we bring you complete knowledge and assistance about your child's health. G-tube feeding nutrition is something that is directly linked to digestive issues. You can find complete information about it on our website.

In order to prevent digestive issues in your child, here are a few foods you should avoid in your child's diet.

1. Intake of gluten in the form of grains

Grains contain an abundance of amylose, sugars which are highly responsible for inflammation as well as anti-nutrients. These bind to the intestines and hinder the nutrient absorption in the body. It is highly recommended to remove all grains for a time and then slowly reintroduce them again to see the impact that they have on your digestive system.

2. Gut issues can be caused by dairy products

Cows might breed in an unhealthy environment and are often given hormones and antibiotics in dairy farms. The milk gained from them is then pasteurized and homogenized later. The fat that contains the beneficial fat-soluble vitamins is removed. If your child already suffers from digestive issues, dairy products should be removed for a while to let the digestivex system heal. Go for yogurt instead, which can be better tolerated and offers bacteria for microbiome.

3. Sugar can produce bad bacteria in your gut

The imbalance caused by bacteria can lead to negative effects on your child's metabolism as well as immune system. If the bacteria overgrow in number, they can cause aggravation and inflammation. When you feed your child with artificial sweeteners,  you are actually decreasing the good bacteria in their gut, which might lead to glucose intolerance.

4. Say no to foods that contain sorbitol

Avoid the foods that contain sorbitol. Candies, sodas, carbonated drinks, and gums are most likely to have a great quantity of sorbitol. Also, various nuts and seeds like sunflower and poppy are one of the main reasons behind soluble fiber and production of gas.

You can now get all your questions answered about the right nutrition for your kids as well as about G-tube Feeding Nutrition on our website by expert doctors and nurses.

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