Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Top 4 Tips To Make The Life Of A Child Going Through Gastrostomy Easy

The G in the G-Tube stands for Gastronomy, which is an opening in the stomach. It is a hollow tube that is inserted into the stomach through the gastrostomy opening. The kids going through gastronomy can intake nutrition supplements easily through it. The kids can easily meet the caloric requirement through stomach tube insertion. It is recommended that the patient never skip the meals and also intakes snacks along. The insertion procedure does not take longer than 30 minutes and requires a maximum of 5 days stay at the hospital. 

Here are some tips, which can help children going through gastrostomy lead a normal life. 
  • Taking Care of the Tube: The tube is placed inside the stomach by stitching it around the skin. This helps keep it secure until the tract is well healed. Ask the doctor about the brand, length, size, and type of the tube. Knowing these factors will help you take better care of the tube. Before and after feeding and medications, you will have to flush the tube well. 
  • Use 2-tablespoon water and unclog the tube. It is highly recommended not to use a wire to unclog the tube. Using a plastic brush tailor-made for the G-tube or water is recommended. To clean the ends of the PEG tube, use an alcohol pad and make sure the end of the tube does not touch anything. You need to crush the medications and mix it with water before letting it down the tube. 
  • Taking Care of the Skin: When the child first gets the tube, do not remove the stitches that hold it to the skin. It is advised to clean the skin around the tube at least twice a day so that no redness or swelling appears. The skin around the tube should always be dry as infections may occur with moist skin. Also, apply an antibiotic cream around the tube when you are done cleaning. This way the child will be able to move freely and be comfortable. 
  • The Child’s Psychological Perspective: You, as a parent, have to make sure that the child does not feel odd or feel something is wrong with him/her. Seeing a loved one depressed is the hardest situation to go through. Learn about the illness and take every step to understand the symptoms and treatment. This will help you understand what the child is feeling. The child might sometimes feel isolated even among children of his/her age. Give them companionship and spend quality time with them to understand them better. Try to validate their pain and show them they are accepted and loved.
  • Side Effects: You, as a parent, should also be aware of the side effects of the stomach tube insertion before going through the procedure. Infection and bleeding occur at the spot of the tube insertion, which should be taken care of with regular care. The child may also go through skin irritation, anesthesia problem, aspiration, fever and chills, cough, constipation, nausea.  If the tube becomes clogged or the child faces any of these side effects then call your health practitioner immediately.
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